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2017-04-22 02:48 pm


Im actually new to this. Wait. Erase that. I have tumblr, so that means Im not new to this. Jk. Anyways, Im new to this anonymous blog making. Im really the closet jpop fangirl. That means, I dont like expressing or ranting my jpop-ness when Im in my "human" self, but if im here in this blog, I could rant all day long how AMAZING they are. One request, though,

I mean please respect me and my idols. Sooo, yeah:)
Btw!!! i'll be making fanfics for my ichibans:) Since I rarely find idols x ocs... So, i'll be making:) its also a way to express my love towards my idols... So, i hope you guys like it:)
This blog is for:
❤Hey!Say! JUMP
❤Sexy Zone
❤Akb48 (selected members:)))
❤Shida Mirai
And so many more:)

Stay tuned guys!:)